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Little Hands Reusable food Pouch

Perfect reusable food pouch for wholesome baby food 

Making wholesome homemade baby food is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your baby is getting all of the vitamins that he/she needs. If often seems quicker to buy jars of baby food but with all of the baby food recipes available, making your own homemade baby food is now easier than ever. In less than an hour a week, you can actually puree your own wholesome baby food and store it for later use.

Storing homemade baby food used to be a main concern for parents but that problem has been solved. There is no more need to carry around a heavy diaper bag filled with jars of wholesome baby food. You can now store the puree you made using your own yummy baby food recipe directly into a reusable food pouch. The Little Hands Reusable Food Pouch has a double ziploc opening at the top where you easily spoon or pour what ever puree you have created directly into the food pouch for instant eating or storing for later.

These food pouches are light weight, reusable, and hold up to 7 oz of pureed baby food. You will no longer have to try to keep track of the spoon in the diaper bag and worry about your baby making a huge mess in public. Your little one can easily suck the pureed food from the side spout without making a mess and no spoon is required. They can even eat from the food pouch in the car.

Unlike some of the jars of baby food, the Little Hands Reusable food pouch is also freezer safe so they can be stored in the freezer for later use.